Here are some things to think about when preparing to go soulwinning – listed in no particular order of importance.


Make sure you are going soulwinning in the Spirit and in His strength. Pray for wisdom, patience, understanding, strength, guidance, discernment, for a calm, but condfident attitude – bring it all to the Lord.

Bring your Bible with you

Make sure it’s a large enough print for the person to see the verses when you read to them.

Print some of the content from this website to bring with you

Just incase your smartphone or tablet battery ‘dies’, and you can’t access this website.

Go out in pairs

At least, when witnessing on the streets or door-to-door. We would not recommend going it alone. (Mark 6:7 and many other verses about going out in pairs).

Bring some gospel tracts with you to hand out

You should be able to get some good ones online by searching for ‘King James Bible gospel tracts’.

Bring a small notebook (or some index cards), and a pencil with you

In case you need to give someone your contact information, or for them to leave you their email or phone number perhaps.

Layer up!

Wear appropriate clothing if you will be outside for a long duration.

Keep a bottle of water with you

So you don’t get dehydrated from all the talking you will be doing, and also some mints to make sure your breath is ok when getting close to a person.

Now, obviously ALL things are possible with God, and everything works in His timing, but remember that it’s very rare for someone to get saved from your first conversation with them, especially on the streets. ‘Plant the seed’ in them, answer their immediate questions, leave them with a tract and/or contact information, and then let the Lord do His work:

It is time for thee, Lord, to work: for they have made void thy law. – Psalms 119:126

Have we missed out anything or do you have any other tips? Please let us know.

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