Challenge 8


The challenge is to …

Upon arising from bed, pray to God and ask Him to give you a verse during the morning. Then study that verse during the rest of the day. Repeat for the 14 days.


What will I need to complete this challenge?

  • King James Bible.
  • A favourite and/or quiet place to study, away from distractions.
  • Your favourite pen or pencil.
  • Patience – it could take all morning before you get a verse from Him!
  • Notebook to keep track of your progress and to jot down all the thoughts, verses, etc., that come into your mind as you are doing the challenge.

How much time should I allocate?

Study for as long as you like, but do at least 30mins each day.

How difficult is this challenge?

No real difficulty at all.

What other advice do you have for me?

  • Pray to the Lord asking Him to reveal the meaning(s) of the verse.
  • Try not to use a computer too much whilst studying, as it can easily become a distraction; leading you away from your study and onto other things. Don’t forget, the enemy will use whatever method he can to stop you from studying the word of God.
  • Think and dwell on the verse yourself before referring to any study helps.
  • When you do want further help from various study aids, use a reliable commentary (i.e. one that does NOT cast doubt on God’s word).
  • After your study, thank the Lord for giving you that verse, and ask yourself “Why?” He gave you that particular verse today – what is it that He wanted to show you today? How can you apply what you have studied for that day to your life now? God doesn’t give us things, or do things for us for no reason!


If you did this challenge, please let us know how you got on, or leave a comment below.

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