Challenge 3


The challenge is to …

Leave one tract in EVERY public place you visit during the next 7 days – obviously keep doing this all the time after the challenge!


What will I need to complete this challenge?

  • King James Bible.
  • Some gospel tracts – if you don’t have any then please click here to download and print your own.
  • Computer and printer (if you’re printing your own).
  • Places to go.
  • Notebook to keep track of your progress and to jot down all the thoughts, verses, etc., that come into your mind as you are doing the challenge.

How much time should I allocate?

Difficult to calculate as we all have completely different daily routines. However, it shouldn’t take any more time at all – it’s a simple case of leaving a tract in the public place you visit before you leave that place.

How difficult is this challenge?

On paper, this challenge is incredibly easy; “Nothing to it” you would think. BUT, if you are not used to leaving tracts in places, then your flesh will NOT want to do this for fear of embarrassment or “getting caught” somehow. Don’t be discouraged – the enemy will try and give you all sorts of silly, unreasonable, irrational thoughts as to why you shouldn’t be leaving literature around the place, but DON’T listen to him. You KNOW that your spirit is willing to work for the Lord and help get people saved, so stay in prayer to the Lord and get encouragement and strength from Him (Phil. 4:13). He WILL give you the opportunities to leave the tracts.

What other advice do you have for me?

  • Allow yourself time to get used to leaving tracts in public places.
  • Don’t ‘beat yourself up’ if you forget to leave a tract somewhere every now and then. The Lord is always in control, and perhaps it was the wrong place to leave one at that particular time?
  • If you don’t use your everyday carry bag to hold your tracts, then before bedtime, always keep the tracts near your keys and wallet/purse so that you don’t forget to bring them with you the next day.
  • If you feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit to leave more tracts in a particular place, then DO!
  • If you feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit to actually hand someone in a public place a tract, then DO!
  • ALWAYS be polite and gentle – be the best soulwinner YOU can be for the Lord!


If you did this challenge, please let us know how you got on, or leave a comment below.


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