Challenge 1


The challenge is to …

Read Philippians 4:8 each day and do 15mins of exercise during that day whilst meditating on one of the “whatsoever things” mentioned in the verse, e.g. Sun=”true”, Mon=”honest”, and so on. Start to memorise the verse as you read it everyday.


What will I need to complete this challenge?

  • King James Bible.
  • 20mins free time every day.
  • A place or places to exercise.
  • Notebook to keep track of your progress and to jot down all the thoughts, verses, etc., that come into your mind as you are doing the challenge.

How much time should I allocate?

At least 20mins per day.

How difficult is this challenge?

The reading and meditating on the word part of the challenge is easy enough. The effort required for the physical exercise part will depend on your current fitness level. If you are not used to working out in any form at all, then just take it slowly and perhaps go for a walk, or just move your body on the spot if that’s really all you can do. Just as long as you are physically moving for those 15mins that’s all that matters.

What other advice do you have for me?

  • Your body may feel like ‘giving up’ on the physical exercise part of this challenge, but DON’T allow it to!
  • The reading of and meditating on the word of God is indeed the most important thing, but the physical exercise at the same time will help you to remain actively focussed on the task at hand. Plus, it is helping to keep you physically fit and healthy in order for you to be able to continue doing the Lord’s work for many year’s to come (if the Lord tarries and spares our lives that is!).
  • Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day as well.


If you did this challenge, please let us know how you got on, or leave a comment below.

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